I love my life

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Hello to everybody!!

I,m very agobious for the exams. Tomorrow, Wednesday, we finish the classes and now I have that study very much. I became the 3 of June and I finish the 27 of July. I don,t go to my town now because I don,t study...
When we,ll finish all the exams, we are going to the party!!

I hope have good luck!! see you soon. kisses

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My birthday!!

Hello people!

This Sunday, 22 of May, is my birthday. I,m going to celebrated with my friends. We are going to drink and after we are going to the disco all the night.
How does it pass the time! I hope they given me presents.
I want you happiness me.
Bye, bye. A lot of kisses.


Hello to everybody!

This weekend I went to my town because I had a party with my friends. The party is call San Isidro.
I went to my town the Friday with the bus. My friends and I bought drinks and meals for the party.
I have entertain very much and it has been very funny.
The Monday I was very tired and by the afternoon I slept.

I invite you came to the party!
Bye, Bye. kisses!!


Hello to everybody!!

This is the first time I write here.
I,m Merche and I study 2º of foreign languages in Toledo.
I d´ont can write all the days because I d´ont have internet in my house. I write in the library of the university when I have time.

The English I like and I think that is very important know other languages.
Toledo is a beautiful city, I´m very well here in spite of I d´ont see to my family.
I hope write more.
A lot of kisses. See you soon.